Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Designing Abundance (Regional Permaculture Design)

September 10th - 21st

Join us this summer for a Permaculture Design Course like no other. We will help you gain the skills to take responsibility for your own existence and that of your family, while finding your role in the broader effort to create a resilient society.

• Andrew Faust

• Victor Guadagno
• Jaquelyn Rieke

• Joe Bossen - Food Systems & Markets
• Buzz Ferver - Master Planning & Site Development
• Jon Erickson - Climate, Carbon & Economic Systems
• Aaron Guman - Perennial Plant Systems & Agroforestry
• Annie McCleary - Wild Edibles & Medicinal Plants
• Amy Seidl - Adaptation
• Baylen Karl Slote - Inner Ecology
• Graham Unangst-Rufenacht - Regenerative Agriculture & Grazing

Our PDC course emphasizes how to apply Permaculture principles at various scales of our human systems, including personal health, farm design, food distribution, economic models and communication systems. We need to start locally, and design democratically owned, regionally controlled and ecologically resilient systems. You will learn strategies for personal and cultural transformation.

Course Highlights

  • Principles of Natural Systems
  • Pattern Understanding
  • Trees and Their Energy Transactions
  • Soils / Compost
  • Water Cycles and Management
  • Classical Landscape Profiles
  • Wildlife Management and Biological Pest Management
  • Wild Plant ID, harvest, edible & medicinal
  • Earth Resources / Ecosystem Services
  • Forests / Agroecology / Perennial Plants
  • Regional Biology - Aaron Guman
  • Climate Factors and Adaptation
  • Methods of Design
  • Humid Tropics / Dryland Strategies / Humid Cool to Cold Climates
  • Appropriate Energy Conserving Technology

  • Keyline Design & Agroforestry
  • Grazing & soil building
  • Multi-species intentional rotational grazing
  • Infrastructure / Natural Building
  • Greenhouses
  • Aquaculture
  • Waste Disposal and Recycling
  • Ecological "Waste" Water Systems
  • Site Design, Homestead & Skills
  • Master Planning (Biology, Energy and Infrastructure)

  • Regional Agricultural Economy
  • Local Wealth/Worker Coop's
  • Regional Currencies / Food Currency Project
  • Public land plan policy, Investment models

  • Education, Energy and Food Sovereignty
  • Staple Crops, Protein in our culture
  • Permaculture Network & Education
  • “EcoMedia”

Lead Instructor

Andrew Faust

One of the premier Permaculture teachers and designers in North America with over two decades of experience in the field. His passionate and visionary presentations and curriculum have inspired and motivated teachers, students since his days as a high school teacher at a open community free school which he graduated from in 86' in Glenmoore, PA.

  Andrew lived off the grid in West Virginia for 8 years where he designed and built his Permaculture Ph.d homestead including a 1600 sq ft strawbale house. He moved to Brooklyn in 2007 and has been applying his knowledge to the urban landscape culminating in a Permaculture Design Certification course, with over 500 graduates in NYC, many consider life changing. He is developing The Center for Bioregional Living in Ellenville, NY with his partner Adriana Magaña as a hands-on educational campus for students, clients and their daughter Juniper.

Andrew Faust has been practicing permaculture and biodynamics since receiving his Permaculture Design certificate in 1996. Some of our design clients include Ezekiel's Place Retreat Center in Hedgesville, WV, Leaveners Respite Center in Essex, NY,Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Warren, VT, and local businesses and residents. Previous clients include the Gesundheit! Institute in Hillsboro, WV and Camphill Village Kimberton Hills in Chester County, PA.

Faust has extensive experience in doing designs for a wide range of climates and habitats including desert, forest and mountain. He is a certified Alternative School Teacher, focusing on Bioregional Education; he instructed atUpattinas Open Community High School for ten years. Faust holds a B.A. in comparative religions from Guilford College.


Victor Guadagno

Vic Guadagno is the president of Bright Blue EcoMedia. He took his first PDC with Geoff Lawton in Guatemala in 1998. After that he worked with Geoff and an international team on the development of the Northwest Louisiana Commerce Center, rooted in Permaculture, Industrial Ecology and Ecological Design. He has spent the past 15 years communicating ecological solutions through film, winning three Emmy’s in production and writing. He was a tenant at Whole Systems Design for the past two years. He now resides in Montpelier, and is working with Bear Roots Farm to establish an Education Demonstration Center.

Jaquelyn Rieke

Stephanie Jaquelyn Rieke began Nutty Steph’s at the tender age of twenty-three by baking maple-sweetened granola and delivering it to local establishments on roller blades. Demand for the product quickly outpaced her ability to be a one woman show and thus she began her winding and vulnerable journey as a community builder and social entrepreneur. She grew weary of the alias Nutty Steph, and gave her first name over to the business in 2008, thereafter using her middle name instead. Jaquelyn is passionate about creating the best place ever to work, offering benefits for the workers that are hard to find in small town Vermont, makes certain that she employees individuals with special needs, and encourages all staff members to take part in collectively governing the company. Today, Nutty Steph’s is a busy little world, continuing to melt, mix, pour, wrap and deliver real food from the heart nearly every day of the year. Make your life simple by eating what tastes good!

Guest Speakers

Buzz Ferver

Buzz Ferver owns and operates Perfect Circle Farm. He was trained in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Design in the 1970's. He switched careers to work as an independent building designer and contractor in 1980. Parallel careers as a product design engineer for an automotive tool and equipment manufacturer, and the marketing and sales agent for a huge processor of compost made his life even more interesting. The 21st century finds him back as a Design/Builder, focusing primarily on new homes and major renovations to existing homes as a partner in Overbrook Design. He still spends some time consulting to the compost industry. He also dabbles in Sustainable Agriculture. He is currently living in and building a solar home in Worcester, Vermont with his beautiful wife Sandra. He has been teaching since 1970.

Aaron Guman

Aaron received his PDC at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, and has completed advanced design courses and his Teacher Training with Dave Jacke. Now based in Montpelier, VT, Aaron offers design, installation and education as well as operating Walking Onion, LLC with his wife, a plant nursery specializing in edible herbaceous perennials. Aaron Guman fell in love with permaculture the first time he saw an edible forest garden, and has been studying and creating them ever since.

Graham Unangst-Rufenacht

Graham grew up in East Montpelier and currently lives in Plainfield, VT. He raises grass fed and finished beef cattle on a farm looking for a name, provides home-to-farm scale agroecology design / build services, practices herbalism and educates youth and adults in these skills and relationships. Graham graduated from UVM with a degree in Religious Studies and Plant and Soil Science; has a Permaculture Design Certificate from Yestermorrow Design / Build School; and attended the 3-year clinical herbal program at the Vermont Center for Integrated Herbalism.


Course Fee is $1250 which includes the 72-hour design course.

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