“Bloom: The Plight of Lake Champlain”

This first film in the four-part series is an Emmy award winning documentary exposing the declining health of the 6th largest lake in the United States, and the future of watershed communities of Vermont, New York, and Quebec. The worsening blue-green algae blooms of Lake Champlain are the most visible symptom of a lake in decline, and the end point of a failing dairy industry, ill-planned development, and aging wastewater treatment systems. Created by Emmy award winning producer Victor Guadagno and narrated by Academy Award winning actor Chris Cooper, Bloom first premiered on Mountain Lake PBS in December 2010, with follow-up episodes premiering in February 2012. It tells the story from the front lines of lake management, policy, and environmental advocacy — fighting the status quo, awaking an apathetic public, and envisioning a new future for the ecological treasure and economic engine of the historic Champlain Valley.

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